Oil Change Plan

Mechanic pouring oil into the engine

Rairdon's Honda of Sumner Exclusive

When you buy a new Honda at Rairdon's Honda of Sumner you know you will never pay for another oil change. Well at least for 7 years you won’t.

One of the biggest reasons people postpone their preventative maintenance is the cost and how to fit that extra expense into their budget, even when they know how much they will extend the life of their car. Just think of never having to worry about how much you will pay when it is time for your oil changes. Your investment is protected when you buy from Rairdon's Honda of Sumner!

7 year Oil Change Maintenance plan: Valid on all New and Used Honda purchases. Non-transferable. Must have the minimum Honda recommended preventative maintenance services performed at Rairdon's Honda of Sumner to satisfy the warranty requirements. To include up to seven years or a maximum of ten lube, oil and filter changes using Honda branded filters and recommended oils only.

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