3 Benefits of a Fuel Injection System Cleaning

July 7th, 2016 by

New Honda Models near Puyallup, WA | Honda of SumnerMost of us love our cars but we don’t give much thought as to what’s going on under the hood. As long as the gas tank is full, the oil has been changed sometime in the last year, and the tires aren’t bald, we’re happy. But there may be a crucial part of car care we’re overlooking.

The fuel injection system in your car combines fuel and air in the engine. Over time, the fuel injector can get muddled up with fuel deposits, which reduces the efficiency of your fuel injector and the amount of fuel getting to your engine. You can prevent this and a number of catastrophic side effects by cleaning your fuel injection system regularly.

Improve Your Engine’s Performance

Your engine relies on fuel. So the mechanism that delivers that fuel — the fuel injector system — is a pretty important part of your car’s overall performance. A clogged fuel injector system can lead to poor fuel economy and low engine performance in terms of horsepower.

If you use cheap gas, your fuel injector system may get clogged up faster than if you were to use premium gas. So keep that in mind when making a car maintenance schedule. Whether you plan to clean your fuel injector system yourself or turn to a mechanic, make sure you treat your car’s fuel delivery system well so your car serves you well in return.

Increase the Life of Your Fuel Injector

Just as fuel deposits can wreak havoc on your car’s performance and fuel economy, those deposits can also take their toll on your fuel injector system. The fuel injector is a moving mechanism that opens and closes to control the fuel flow. When carbon deposits build up over time, they can get in the way of the mechanism and cause damage. By cleaning your fuel injector system on a regular basis, you can prevent those deposits from damaging the entire mechanism and prevent a costly replacement.

Ensure Your Safety

One of the symptoms of a clogged fuel injector system is a lack of responsiveness when you step on the gas. If you find that your car seems to take its sweet time accelerating after you’ve hit the gas pedal, you could be dealing with a fuel injector problem. While this may not seem like a big deal in most cases, it can make a life-changing difference in escaping potential collisions.

In cases where someone else has lost control of their vehicle or is about to run a red light, you may need to get out of the way. If your car doesn’t respond immediately when you tell it to go, you may not be able to miss those close calls. Your car is a ball of steel operating at your command. But it needs to be able to do just that. Make sure your car can take care of you in tight situations by maintaining your fuel injector system.

Fuel injector maintenance is something that you can do yourself. But if you find that you’re too busy or just not confident in your car care know-how, bring your vehicle in for service by a trained mechanic. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions until you feel you know all you need to maintain your vehicle’s safety, reliability, and performance.

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