How To Find Unlock Codes For Your Honda Radio/Navigation System

There are many reason you may need to find the unlock code for your Honda radio. We are here to help you with just that. There is a very easy way to locate/ find the unlock code for your radio without going to the dealership.All you need to get your radio unlock code is your Honda’s VIN number, and the serial number of the radio you want to unlock. After finding these use the look up tool below to get your unlock code.

How To Find Your VIN Number

You can find your VIN number(17-digit) by looking:

  • At the botton of the driver side winshield
  • On your vehicles registration
  • In the drivers side door jam

  • Note: Valid VIN numbers use letters A-Z and numbers 0-9

    How To Find Your Radios Serial Number

  • Locate the vehicles anti-theft ID Card
  • Certain Models have a sticker located inside the glove box.
  • For 2001 and later models, you can find the serial number by looking at the vehicles display

  • All Other Models

    Turn the ignition on
    Turn on the radio and confirm that it reads code before proceeding
    Turn off the radio

    The display will switch between (2) sets of digits, you need to record just the digits, ignoring the letters

    Use the information you have attained in the tool below to get the code you need.