Honda Pastport April Fool’s Joke Channels ‘90s

April 23rd, 2019 by

Honda Pastport April Fool’s Joke Channels ‘90s

Looking for some ‘90s nostalgia? Honda invited fans to check out their Honda Pastport trim this past April 1st. And it was quite the throwback.

Saved By The Bell Anyone?

With a backdrop of zig zags and scribbles reminiscent of a Saved by the Bell intro, ‘90s lovers were likely to spot the Pastport’s theme right off.

But, in case there were any doubts, the automaker quickly name-drops Fred Savage as being the “official voice” of the Honda brand. (It was Savage, of course, who played Kevin Arnold in the hit ‘90s show The Wonder Years).

In the satirical video depicting the fictional 2019 Honda Passport trim level, a Day-Glo decked roller blader does pirouettes in an attempt to check out its interior.

And what an interior.

The narrator boasts of throwback features like

  • Coin holder (yikes)
  • Digital Clock
  • Beeper Mount
  • Navigation System (which ends up being a fold-out map)
  • A/C (yes, A/C)
  • one button on the steering wheel, the horn!


Do You Remember The Brick Cell Phone?

The would-be ad closes with the Day-Glo rollerblader showing off his book of CDs and making a call on his brick cellphone (think Zack Morris).

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